Determine the direction these doctors and nurses shoulders are facing

We want to see how quickly and accurately you can answer simple questions about medical professional's headshots. You'll see thumbnail headshots of doctors and nurses. Your task is to tell us, as fast as you can, the direction their SHOULDERS are facing (regardless of head or eye direction). Make sure to take note if the person is a doctor or nurse because we will ask you to recall their profession after the picture disappears.

Note we are asking what direction they are facing in respect to YOU (so think your left/right and not their left/right!).

This is how trials will look like:

What's the direction of the NURSE's/DOCTOR's shoulders?

Press "1" for SHOULDERS facing LEFT


Press "2" for SHOULDERS facing RIGHT


Then the person's profession will disappear from the screen and we will ask you to click on their correct profession:

What was the profession of this person?



Note that the order of the "nurse" and "doctor" buttons may change from trial to trial.

This HIT is short (less than 7 minutes). It's important that you pay attention to the screen all the time. Please try to stay focused!

We will show you a few practice rounds to acquaint you with the task. Click "Start Experiment" to begin. Make sure your browser window is maximized. You must be on a laptop or desktop computer to participate in this HIT (no cellphones or tablets).

By completing this survey or questionnaire, you are consenting to be in this research study. Your participation is voluntary and you can stop at any time.

You're done with practice!

If you haven't already, please maximize your browser window.

Press spacebar to start the experiment.

What's the direction of the NURSE's shoulders?

What's the direction of the DOCTOR's shoulders?

1_m_p 2_m_p 3_m_p 1_f_p 2_f_p 3_f_p
1=left     2=right

What was the profession of this person?

nurse doctor Too slow!
Click to continue
All done! You can now submit the HIT. Thank you!

Please feel free to leave any comments below about how the experiment went.